Penis Enlargement Exercise Programs – What Are the Best Lubricants for Jelqing?

A lot of penis enlargement exercise programs incorporate the most well known penile exercise to date, jelqing. What you might not know, though, is that jelqing doesn’t really work very well unless you have a topical lubricant to use while doing it.

The most commonly used lubricants for this exercise could be generic water-based and oil-based ones because they can be found in practically any local or large-scale retailer the world over. Water-based lubricants are especially popular because they can also be doubled for use during other sexual encounters. There are also other specially formulated lubricants out there, which are specially made for jelqing. Either way, though, both of these lubricant types work well with penis enlargement exercise programs. Of course, you may also use other basic products if you want, though. The choice is ultimately yours in the end.

As mentioned earlier, oil-based lubricants work well with penis enlargement exercise programs, too. This is because they can be used for more than just penile exercises. For one, yhey actually have a lot of other benefits for skin care. Some baby oil brands that use aloe or vitamin E in their products, for example, can keep your manhood healthy and provide your skin with many beneficial nutrients. You can even use these products on your manhood when you aren’t doing penile exercises if you want.

So, which one is the best one? Well, honestly speaking, if you want to follow penis enlargement exercise programs, your best bet would be the lubricants with explicit intent.

Ideally, you should look for a penile exercise gel that can easily be applied onto the skin for direct absorption by the penis. Usually, after applying the gel onto the penis, vasodilators will be released to dilate the pores and blood vessels in the penis and expand them more than usual. Aside from that, androgen precursors will also be released to circulate inside the blood stream and make the pores in the corpus cavernosum inflate more. This will, in turn, give you significantly larger erections. The gel will also soften the penile tissue and make it more responsive to your choice of penis enlargement exercise programs, so that faster and better growth will be stimulated.

Of course, you are free to try other alternatives, as well, such as basic lubricants that don’t have any other intent but to lubricate the penis. When it comes to this, though, make sure you choose lubricants that have vitamin E and aloe vera in them, so that your skin will get moisturized and soothed. This will also help your penis feel smooth and soft, and look lustrous and silky overall – definitely something that your sexual partners will appreciate, enjoy and love.

Please keep in mind that your safety should always come first, no matter what, though. So, make sure you don’t use any oil, cream, jelly or any other substance on your manhood if the skin on it is agitated or irritated in one form or another. If it is, make sure you get in touch with your doctor right away as you could have some kind of ailment or even a serious problem. Don’t use any type of lotion or soap when it comes to this, either, because this could make matters worse and cause uncontrollable itching or extreme irritation. What you can do, though, is wash your penis with warm water to get rid of any excess products on it.

Generally speaking, you really won’t need a lot of lubricant when following penis enlargement exercise programs, though, so just use as much as you need at any given time without going overboard. Stay safe!

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