Home Remedies to Attain Soft, Healthy Skin Naturally

Though we all wish to have smooth and soft skin we often become victims of rough skin, thanks to the polluted air, harsh sun rays, bad products used or poor diet.

Using skincare products that give you false promises can do you more harm than good. You should be very careful while deciding upon what to use on your skin and it is always better to use natural products as they would rarely have any side effects. Here are a few home remedies that may sound absurd to you but would help you to get soft healthy skin naturally

Using oatmeal in your bath will help in making your skin soft and smooth. It is all thanks to the Vitamin E present in Oatmeal that is very good for healthy skin. Similarly sprinkle a handful of cornstarch in your bath so as to get rid of itchy dry skin.

It would amuse you to know that rubbing your skin with some salt after your shower scrubs out the dead cells, making your skin smooth. It is best to apply moisturizer as soon as you have had your shower. This is because your skin pores would be open and in a better position to absorb the contents.

Applying any sort of vegetable oil on your body helps in getting rid of the dryness from your skin. If you do not like the greasy feel of the vegetable oil, you could use baby oil on your body after your shower. Not only it is non greasy but also it would penetrate the skin faster.

Having a diet that includes fresh fruits and leafy vegetables and drinking plenty of water plays a key role in giving you soft health skin naturally. The nature is full of gifts for you; all you have to do is accept them whole heartedly.

Source by Rizvana Abdul

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