Cradle Cap – Why It Should Not Be Neglected

Scientists have lots of critical diseases to make extensive research on. Hence, they do not give that much of importance to the harmless diseases like cradle cap. It is a neonatal disease generally seen among the kids of two to three months of age. Unless it takes any ugly turn and if it is taken care of well, this skin condition may vanish within a few months. And for this no serious medical treatment will be required.

However, be it harmless or not, no neonatal disease should be left neglected. Cradle cap may not be an infectious disease but it has all the chance to spread to the other parts of the body. And if anything else does not happen, the effected area may become ugly to look at if not managed well. Even, it may start irritating the baby, though generally it is not an irritating disease.

With a lot of ways and means to take good care of cradle cap, it does not make any sense to leave the disease neglected. Some very easily applicable methods are there to keep the skin condition well within control. Lot of medicine companies are there that makes lotions to be applied to the affected area. Some of them are really effective and highly helpful in keeping the disease under control. It is very easy to use these lotions.

If you are not in favour of using the lotions made for commercial purpose, you can employ the homely methods. For example, you can use shampoo to cleanse the area and keep it clean. Then you can put some oil to make the scales greasy. Once the scales get greasy, you can brush them off with something soft. There is also purely natural remedy for cradle cap. You can make paste of homely herbs and apply them on the affected area.

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