An Overview of Dry Skin

The medical term for dry skin is xerosis. It had become rather common these days to the extent that the numbers of people that have it are increasing. Some occurrences of dry skin are natural while some other sets of people got theirs from the usage of certain creams and cosmetics that they applied on their skin. It is very important to note here that there is no serious medical condition that is attached to dry skin. The only thing is that it doesn't make the skin look as fresh as the skin owner would have loved it to be.

What happens when you have dry skin is that some cells on your skin that should have been very plump and succulent will be very dry and shriveled. This will give your skin a much wrinkled look. There are times that the wrinkled and lined appearance of your skin is mistaken to be due to some form of negative health condition.

There are times that the occurrence of dry skin can be an inherited gene. If either of the parents has dry skin, there is the possibility of the child too ending up with it. There is this inherited disorder that is referred to as icthyosis. This has a way of leading to the occurrence of dry skin on the offspring. Dried skin caused by inheritance can rarely be controlled.

It is only in very few occasions that we have people who had inherited dry skin. In most cases, dry skin is caused by some external environmental factors. The one caused by these environmental factors can be conveniently managed and treated.

If you are consistently exposed to certain unbecoming weather, you may end up with dry skin. Any hot or cold weather with very low humidity can lead to the occurrence of your skin getting dried. It is never in your best interest to consistently bath your skin. If you bath your skin too often, you may end up having dry patches on your skin. You should therefore avoid bathing your skin more than twice in a day; this will prevent the possibility of you ending up with dried skin.

After taking your bath each time, you should endeavor to make use of creams that contain moisturizer. Using such cream will help to keep your skin moist adequately enough to prevent the skin getting unnecessarily dried. The careful monitor of the type of cosmetics you make use of too is very essential. Prolonged use of cosmetics has a way of drying up the skin. It is good for you to eat foods that contain vitamin E too and to add much of fruits to your meal each day.

For you to get rid of the dryness on your skin, you will do well to employ the service of experts. Such experts that can help you out in this regard are referred to as dermatologists. They are trained to help out in taking care of any skin problem that you may have.

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