Aids is the Outcome of Negative As Well As Wrong Approach?

Recently news about the death of an HIV positive woman appeared in the media. She was stoned to death in a village of Andhra Pradesh. This was really a shocking incident but, it has certainly not perturbed me, because such kind of treatment being met by HIV/AIDS victims – was predicted in the media nearly a decade ago. Keeping in view the increasing number of HIV/AIDS cases with every passing day, the time is not far away when persons suffering from AIDS would die like flies – had also been reported in the media.

Although there is no possibility of doing any compulsory blood testing for the presence of HIV even in distant future for obvious reasons best known to the authority concerned/Govt, otherwise it would be found to have an average one HIV affected person in a family in every country world over.

For the sake of knowledge of everybody, we can draw a comparison between two recent – past man made discoveries: The Television and the AIDS. How the news about TV surfaced very casually in the media in the late 60s. TV is now a commodity of every household world over. Similarly news about AIDS – mainly a disease of homosexuals in America, came to notice in the 70s. The word AIDS has definitely reached to every nook and corner of the world and the disease AIDS has may have either spread or going to spread very soon with the prevailing conditions. This is despite billions of dollars being spent on prevention or control programme of HIV/AIDS currently invogue all over the world.

Interestingly, the first case of AIDS came to light in India, was in 1986 and the cause was attributed to blood transfusion having HIV infected blood during bypass surgery in the USA. Since then, the estimated number of HIV/AIDS victims has crossed over to fifty lakhs and nearly five lakh persons have died due to AIDS – as per latest media report. This is when blood testing for HIV is either accidental or very casual. As said above, a lot of man power, money and time are involved in the prevention/control of HIV/AIDS through advertisements, distribution of literature in specially arranged seminars, camps held at schools, colleges, transport areas, labour colonies, etc in order to create awareness among the masses about HIV/AIDS. As a result, the common man has certainly become much aware. But, still why the number of HIV/AIDS is increasing day by day, instead of getting stabilized or decline in the number?

This is ample enough to suggest that whatever had been said and is being done at the present is contrary to the truth, since the cause of the AIDS is not based on facts. To say that Retrovirus, also called Human T-cell Lymphotrophic virus -III commonly known as HIV, is the real cause of AIDS is merely to divert the attention of gullible persons from the real cause, which is something else and lies somewhere else. The virus has simply been maligned by unscrupulous persons like Robert Gallo of America and Montaigner of France. The virus is not new and had been existing since there was nothing heard about AIDS, although AIDS like conditions had started sometime in the 50s or 60s – as per PANOS, a London based voluntary and human rights organization’s publication. HIV is the most fragile virus known so far. It dies within 30 minutes of its air exposure or at a temperature of 56 centigrade.

Like the proverb: Ant kills the elephant is merely a saying, and has not come to notice in reality so far. But to prove this saying right, it can be logically argued that if an ant bites an elephant and the bitten part is treated in such a way (by wrong medication)that instead of good, there occurs deterioration in the conditions of the animal that the elephant dies. Similar is the case with HIV/AIDS victims

It is well known that about 99% victims of HIV/AIDS are sexually active men and women. This is because they acquire sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), Syphilis and Gonorrhoea the main, from their infected partners. These diseases generally have three stages: Primary, secondary and tertiary. The patients are treated by a course of B-Lactam group of antibiotics and chief antibiotic is Penicillin *(Penidura). Whether it is the first, second or third stage of the diseases, but, Penicillin has been proved causing suppression of first stage of both Syphilis and Gonorrhoea and remains ineffective in (even to palliate) the second and third stages of both.

Since there are no effective drugs for the total eradication of the above noted diseases, Penicillin is therefore supplemented by a course of corticosteroids. Both the drugs are not only found to suppress the diseases, but are also known to cause strong immunosuppression to the infected person. Once the affected person is treated by above noted drugs, he/she is declared HIV positive on the basis of blood test, the common ELISA (enzyme-linked immuno-sorbent assay) test.

This above noted fact may create doubts in the minds of concerned authorities. The same can be removed through practical demonstration on a patient who has been treated for his/her STD by Penicillin and steroids course. On the other hand, it has also been noticed that if a person acquires syphilis or gonorrhoea and is directed to go for Elisa test prior to the commencement of the treatment, the blood test for HIV is found to be negative. This sufficiently proves the role of the above noted drugs in the development of HIV growth in the body (for those who are firmly harbouring Retrovirus as the cause of AIDS).

Uptil now, no one in India or abroad, has isolated HIV from the body of the AIDS patient, when he/she was alive or after death. What is found abnormal in the blood as a proof of HIV, is the rise in the particular kind of antibodies titre (level). Antibodies are in fact the part of a human immune system, and they develop against foreign antigen(s) whether living or non-living, but basically proteinous in nature. All kinds of antibiotics including the Penicillin notatum are proteinous substances obtained from fungi.

Once a person is declared HIV positive on the basis of Elisa test, which is said to be the preliminary test but the most commonly performed test in India. This is an indirect test in first instance and has also been found positive in nearly 10 to 12 disease conditions. To name a few are- Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis, Malaria, Herpes, STDs, Typhoid, Jaundice, Pneumonia, Malnutrition, etc. Unless there is history of sexual contact with STD (HIV/AIDS) infected partner and appearance of certain signs and symptoms of STDs, the syphilis/gonorrhoea etc, treatment with immunosuppressive drugs and Elisa is further confirmed by Western blot test, the positive Elisa has no specific significance.

But, in established practice, merely on the basis of positive Elisa, a person is declared HIV/AIDS patient. This is because the Western blot test, which is said to be the confirmatory test and is a must, rather mandatory for all Elisa positive cases, but a costly affair (per test costs Rs. 1000/-) on one hand, is available at sero-surveillance center, like PGIMER, Chandigarh of this region. This test has never been found positive in the initial stage of HIV. Therefore Elisa positive cases normally remain unconfirmed HIV positive or negative on the other hand. The victims or the attendants may be given one or another excuse by the concerned authority ostensibly to wait till the time his/her health deteriorates due to taking of unwarranted and wrong medicines, otherwise owing to AIDS phobia to a positive Elisa report, so that the Western blot test might give a positive finding.

Here the patient is quite ignorant about the real inside story but definitely consults the physicians, preferably of modern medicines in order to get rid of HIV. He/she is generally prescribed such drugs which are detrimental to health. Very few doctors at Govt. Hospitals, who know the reality don’t prescribe the oral drugs but advise the patients to use some topical medicines on warty growths (the syphilitic or gonorrhoeal condylomata), which develop on genitals following sexual intercourse with an infected partner suffering form STD (HIV), the most commonly observed sign in Elisa positive (HIV) cases. Wrong medication certainly leads to weight loss and later on development of fever after sometime, the two main symptoms are observed in such cases. The drugs constituting Penicillin and steroids in the modern medicines definitely cause havoc to the extent that his/her immune system breaks down and the Western blot test may give positive finding. Once positive Western blot means confirmation of AIDS, by the time, victim has reached the terminal stage of health and dies within a short time, sometime within a year after starting treatment for positive Elisa (HIV/AIDS).

It is to be noted further that Western blot test is not at all a full proof test and has 4-6% error chances, at times this is enough to ruin any one who so ever is given false(Western blot) positive report.

In the context of HIV AIDS, it was being advertised until few years ago that STDs are curable but not the AIDS, the only treatment of AIDS is prevention. Such kinds of ads by the Govt. agencies are not seen now, because various pharmaceutical companies have jumped in to reap the rich harvest of HIV (STDs)/AIDS with their advertisements about certain drugs to treat the victims. As reported in media, the treatment of AIDS patients in a leading Govt. hospital had been costing to an IPD patient approximately Rs 25,000/- to Rs 30,000/- month. The recent news about 72 deaths of AIDS patients from the same hospital appeared in the media. It may be with equal number of admissions. This sufficiently proves the inefficacy f the treatment of HIV (STDs)/AIDS patients through modern medicines.

In a seminar on AIDS held at PGIMER, Chandigarh in the recent past, a doctor among the audience asked the speaker about the use of spending so much on the treatment of HIV/AIDS, when the victim ultimately has to die? The answer of speaker was: The drugs are prescribed to the patients in order to prolong their lives. What a stupid explanation indeed it was. The life in fact is getting shortened after commencement of harmful treatment.

I being a keen observer (Researcher) by virtue of having been a teacher of medical (Allied) subjects and physician of alternative system of medicine, the Homoeopathy, for nearly 30 years, have come across all types of HIV/AIDS victims, who had been taking treatment of modern medicines before and after getting declared HIV/AIDS patients. But they were still symptomatic HIV/AIDS cases. The only common ting found in them was, the mode of treatment, which they took for their STDs and non-STDs infections in the past. Penicillin was the drug of choice before they all got declared as HIV positive cases. A few of them were made symptoms free through Homoeopathic treatment. One was declared HIV negative once by a private lab. The patient concerned, although is hale and hearty even after 5 years of contracting STD and starting treatment of modern medicines in turn found Elisa positive (HIV Positive).

He is presently being given homoeopathic treatment in order to bring his raised antibodies titre to normal level. He would definitely remain healthy, so long he follows certain instructions of mine. It is hoped that he would be free from HIV stigma one day, so that he gets married and starts his marital life afresh. The victim has never been found a case of positive Western blot test. Attendants of another AIDS patient approached me, when he had already been injected more than 50 penicillin injections. The patient was in moribund state of health and must have died soon owing to total breakdown of the immune system as a result of wrong medicines.

To sum up above details, it is clear that neither there is a cure for STDs nor of HIV/AIDS in the modern medicines. Therefore, whenever any sexually active person contracts Syphilis/Gonorrhoea, he/she should refrain from taking a course of Penicillin or its substitutes (when person concerned is sensitive to Penicillin) and Steroids drugs, rather ought to consult a physician of alternative system, preferably a Homoeopath, since Homeopathy does not treat the disease by name, but the diseased person as a whole (holistic approach) and annihilates the diseases including STDs (HIV/AIDS) in its whole extent permanently.

Those who had history of STDs in the past and were treated by routine course of penicillin and steroids, both of which cause immuosuppression in man, should not think themselves free from the said diseases, since these must have been suppressed and chances of their becoming HIV victims is as high as 100%, provided their blood is tested for the same.

It is better not to take treatment for HIV/AIDS rather than taking a harmful and immuno-suppressive treatment of so called anti-AIDS drugs and becoming an actual AIDS patient to die soon.

Authorities at the helm of HIV/AIDS affairs ought to understand that the way they have been following or understanding the western agencies dealing with HIV/AIDS, have brought doom to millions and if the same (negative as well as wrong approach) remains continuing, it might become a question of survival of human race in the days to come. Therefore, they must understand the gravity of the situation in order to change their present attitude in tackling HIV/AIDS problem. I consider persons/agencies, who pretend to be the controllers including physicians of modern medicine, who advocate HIV as the cause of AIDS, Pharmaceutical companies and the media-a trinity, responsible for the present day HIV/AIDS scenario all over the world, since these three have vested interest in keeping the HIV/AIDS fire burning.

For me AIDS is a man-made problem as a result of ignorance at the authority as well as at the victim levels plus a negative as well as a wrong approach of the so called controllers (in fact they are the real propagators of HIV/AIDS) in league with unscrupulous people with selfish interest.

*Penicillin was discovered by Alexander Flemming in 1945. It was considered a Panacea for all kinds of diseases and was misused a lot, until its harmful effects became visible. Only then its use became selective.

Tetracycline, Doxacycline, Minocycline, Oxitetracycline and Erythromycine are the other backup medicines for STDs in those who are allergic to penicillin but have perhaps a larger array of immune system adverse reactions than penicillin.

**Indian council of medical research (ICMR)-AIDS unit, New Delhi, took cognizance of my work on HIV/AIDS in 1993 and asked repeatedly to submit a detailed project- proposal in order to carry out further research on large number of HIV/AIDS patients. When adhoc research project: “Treatment of HIV/AIDS patients through Homoeopathic System of Medicine” was submitted in 30 copies on ICMR prescribed format on 28th September, 1998, there was no response of any kind since then. This is despite reminders including personal visit to the said office and letters to Union Health Secretary, Health Ministers and Prime-Minister from time to time in this regard.

Similarly, when project Director, Punjab AIDS Control Society, Chandigarh, was approached by me sometime back and brought the work done on HIV/AIDS patients to his notice, the said official instead extending a few words of appreciation, threatened to hand over such persons to police, who claim to have helped(treated/cured) HIV/AIDS victims on their own(Alternative) treatment.

These are the two cases of two different offices/officers concerned with control/cure of HIV/AIDS patients working under the guidelines and monetary aid of WHO/World Bank. Their attitude is found not only discriminatory but most hostile too. What else can be expected from such kind of offices/officers concerned other than increase in the number of HIV/AIDS victims day after day.


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